>Oh Lucy, Oh Girl

>Jack and Lucy are basically litter mates, and they have a very special relationship. Jack likes to pet her, and say, “Oh Lucy, Oh girl.” It’s nice when the two of them are being adorable at the same time, because at the other end of the spectrum, I am cleaning up poop and trying to determine whose it is through forensic analysis. But that’s a story for another day.

The other day when Jack delayed using the potty until it was too late, I said, “Didn’t Daddy and I both tell you you needed to try?” And he said, “Well, Lucy told me just to go in my underwear.” I said, “Well, who are you supposed to listen to? Daddy and I? Or Lucy?” He said, “Daddy.” Ok, close enough. Because Lucy is far from an authority on potty training.

There are obvious benefits to Jack being potty trained, but those won’t be realized for a few weeks, at the very minimum. So I am trying to see bright sides on a daily basis. So far, all I have come up with is that if I am doing so much laundry, then I might as well start my New Year’s resolution of using cloth napkins all the time. But… that makes it sound like I am washing the cloth napkins with the dirty underwear, and I swear I am not doing that. I am just in the laundry room a lot more often. Seriously.

So, while I am deep in the trenches of this last rite of babyhood, at least we can have a little sophistication at the dinner table. And we are saving the environment too. Yup, potty training is the best thing ever.