>Birthday Cake

I am happy to report that it has been 10 days since my birthday and I have not lost my phone, I have remembered to charge it every night, and I have remembered to bring it to work with my everyday. This is a miracle. But, um, this is mostly because I am obsessed with my phone and I pnly put it down to charge it at night. I had a franklin planner until December of 2010, so it’s sort of a big leap for me into the digital age.

Now, my new camera is another story. It had been lost for 10 days. I knew I took a picture of my cake, so I knew it was in the house… but where? It turns out that it was just safely inside my new, gorgeous, and larger purse. Without the franklin planner, it is so darn roomy in there! Needless to say, I found my camera today, and blogging will now commence.

Don’t worry, I added blogging to the “to do list” app on my new phone. I also have the mobile blogging app, but that is best for pictures, I can’t go on and on and on like I normally do. (Yet.)

Details – My cake was the no bake icebox cake that Grandma used to make. I ran across it here, and decided it looked great. I made the whipped cream, and the boys helped me stack. I see now that I should have considered offsetting the layers. We had leftover ganache from Grandpa’s Traditional Spice Cake with Chocolate Icing, so we threw in a few layers of ganache here and there. It was delish.


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