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I updated my list of Books for 2010, and there are a total of 26, which was my goal for the year. It seems funny now because instead of finishing 2 books a month, I probably finished 26 books over several 3 day periods.

Unfinished books for the year include: The Infinities (awful) and The Inheritance of Loss (boring). I should admit that I haven’t actually finished The Long Song, because Miss Beth got me Freedom for Christmas and I have been reading that instead – but I think I can finish it before the end of 2010.

I included a screen shot of my list for those that only read posts via email, but if you are on my blog, you can click the link for any book and it should bring you to the Boulder Book Store for your viewing or purchasing pleasure. I did accidentally link to the study guide for The Remains of the Day, but that is fixed now!


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