>Black Friday

>I usually do a lot of Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, and then devote December to making thousands of cookies. But so far I have purchased this many presents:0. I just made a frownie face as I typed that. I haven’t even updated my excel spreadsheet with columns for each person, gift ideas, final selection, wrapped (Y/N) and shipped (Y/N). I haven’t even started sewing plaid shorts for Eric in the mellow make-a-gift exchange. I decided this would be the year that I don’t stress about gifts and instead of thinking really hard about what individual gift card to get for what teacher, I would just get everyone the same thing! One stop! That is as far as I have gotten. So I guess my carefree attitude has backfired because last night I dreamed it was Christmas day, and I hadn’t purchased gifts for anyone. And I had to go online and order a Crabtree and Evenlyn gift basket for all 100 people on my list. Then I made up some excuses about why the gifts were late, and why lotions are really not lame and impersonal AT ALL. (This is the dream talking, not me.) I woke up groggy and upset, but that’s because it was midnight and someone from work was calling me.

So I got down to business and IM’d my sister and brother and asked for gift ideas. Oddly, they suggested lotion. I guess my nightmares are telling me something.

Are you on my list, and not interested in lotion? Better comment with some ideas!


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  1. Laura M

    >I'm glad you didn't take four days off from your blog. I enjoyed several days of no-computer at my parents house. And therefore was able to be all sanctimonious about being tired of looking at the top of Mike's head as he stared into his dang i-phone.

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