>Little Pumpkin

>The week before Halloween, Luke recited “5 Little Pumkins” and I was very impressed. He rolled his eyes and said “It’s not like I just heard if for the first time this week.” So, if I was extremely impressed with Luke, imagine how excited I was when Jack started reciting the same poem. Poor Jack, he was running around on the Saturday before Halloween, talking about how he was going to be in a costume parade, and he and his preschool friends were going to recite the poem for the toddlers. He was very excited. So excited that I felt a twinge of guilt over blowing off the Halloween party at the daycare the day before. Oops. And without further ado, the video:


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  1. Drea

    >I think this is by far my favorite blog. Not going to lie but John and I kept replaying it. And yet I again I need something to make me smile at work, and I'm watching it again. So cute. Tell Jack he will make a great performer didn't let the glass falling off the table stop his poem.

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