>Play D’oh! The Full Sensory Experience

>The other day, Dave came to find me with Jack under his arm and said, “We have a situation. He stuck play doh up his nose.”

My first thought was, “Thank GOD I put the search option on my blog!” Because I knew this had happened before, and I had some crazy idea that the worst case scenario was to suck the stuff out with your mouth, but that maybe my friend Mare had corrected that in the comments, and I should check before I did anything crazy like that, and I could search on “stuck in your nose” and the answer would be right there, but Dave would probably prefer if I just got it out instead of firing up my laptop, and before I was finished with this crazy thought rampage I had gotten most of it out with my beautifully manicured nail and the bulb sucker.

Dave didn’t think the bulb sucker was working, so I resorted to the nail, while informing him that the bulb sucker was mostly just to torture Jack for putting something in his nose (exactly my same thought process as last time, and obviously not a real deterrent)

In the end, the bulb sucker did work to get it all out, once Dave was holding Jack down and I could really cram it in there.

I should also mention that as soon as Jack started playing with the play doh, (the day before) I saw him holding a mold very close to his face. He caught my eye and said, “You don’t eat it?” I said, “No. You don’t eat it.” He said, “Just lick it?” I said, “No, you don’t lick it.” So he finally sighed and said, “Oh. You just smell it?” I said, “Yes, just smell it.”

I had no idea how closely he planned to smell it.


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  1. jack

    >Play doh is redPlay doh is blueHe'll stick it up his noseIf you allow him to.He must think it's funHe must think it's niceCause if I'm not mistakenHe's now done it twice.So here's my proposalYou can listen or don'tIf you tell him to do itI bet that he won't.

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