>I looked up the definition for *** and your picture was there

>I often need to take a screen shot of something I am working on, so I can show someone a problem, or a solution to a problem. And when I do, I close any other internet sessions I may have open. Why would I want the recipient to think I am wasting time reading The New York Times or The Economist while I am working? (OK, let’s be realistic – Ann Taylor Loft Sales and Facebook.) I send a distraction-free screen print because I am a professional.

The screen shot I recently received, um, not so much.
(click to enlarge, if you must)

Yeah, this person was on dictionary.com looking at the definition of Asses. I can’t decide which is worse – that this screen shot (define:asses) was sent to my entire team, and our boss, or that maybe this person was looking for a definition of assess?


5 thoughts on “>I looked up the definition for *** and your picture was there

  1. jack

    >The original qoute was – "I looked up insubordinate in the dictionary and your picture was there." Thank you so very much, Sister Ernestine!!!

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