>Dear Internet

>Dear Internet,

How’s it going? Have I mentioned lately how much I love you? You are pretty cool, and I like a lot of the stuff you can do. Do you know what would be cooler though? If you could create a little widget that made it really easy for me to post a list of books I am reading or would like to read to my little blog called MetaMegan. Yeah, I know you already have lots of easy ways to do that, but what would be cooler, is if it was really easy for me to link this list of books to an independent book seller such as The Boulder Bookstore. Or maybe IndieBound.org, which links to lots of independant bookstores. See, the thing is, Amazon does it. And right now, the method I have of doing this sort of thing for myself is sort of clunky and annoying. Amazon makes it easy, and tempting. I really like to support independant bookstores, but I am also very lazy.

Please help.




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  1. molly

    >I wish I knew what you are talking about. However, everyone should read the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. You can get it at your library.

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