>Girl’s Night(s)

>Everyone has been asking what I plan to do with my free time with the boys gone. I wasn’t really sure, but as soon as I was along in the house, I went to the bathroom without anyone coming in to talk to me, or asking if they could sit on my lap. After that all my dreams for my alone time were fulfilled and I wasn’t sure what to do next.

So I figured… pedis! I dropped Lucy off at Laund R Mutt for a bath and a nail trim and I went to Poshe for a pedicure of my own. Then Lucy and I unpacked all the camping gear and cleaned out the van. As a reward for my hard work, I went to get a massage. Ahhh. Girls’s weekend.

Today, the two of us are having a great time cleaning out a bunch of toys from the boys rooms. Won’t they be so excited to come home and have so much more space? I decided it was time to call it quits when I found myself putting more than 2 seconds of thought into, “How many bouncy balls should I keep and how many should I give to charity?” (But really, how many?)

Actually, the real reason I just flew up the stairs in a frenzy, and then needed to decompress by writing a blog post was this: Skunk. I was in the basement, and I started to smell a bad smell, that was sort of like cigarette smoke. Then it got a little stronger and it smelled faintly skunky. By the time I started to notice Lucy whining, and I wondered if I had closed the back door, the smell had grown to a presence. I could see it, and feel it and I was scared. I booked up the stairs and headed for the door, which was open. Lucy was just standing in the middle of the room looking worried. I shut the door and decided I needed to face that smell. I walked right up to her and stuck my nose in her freshly bathed fur and breathed in. Sweet, sweet dog shampoo smell. Sweet relief. I think the problem was that I had the fan sucking in air from the backyard, and a skunk definitely sprayed something nearby. But thank GOD it wasn’t Lucy. And I certainly don’t keep a score in my head about who is a better dog in certain categories, (because that would be crazy) but if I did, I would have to give the point to Lucy over Bean in Avoiding Being Sprayed By A Skunk.

Now that I have had my spa day, and my getting rid of massive amounts of toys day, what could possibly be next for tomorrow? Not even I know.


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  1. Eleanor

    >I should have just visited your blog more often to find out how your time alone was! Sounds heavenly – and LOL about cleaning out the toys. I was reading your line of "won't the boys be so excited to come home to…" and I was thinking "all their toys gone??? Who would like that???" LOL. I should do that this week while Jack and Cole are gone. But I won't, of course.

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