>Safe From Sippy Cups

>Part of MetaMegan 2.0 has to do with decreasing the amount of plastic in my life, and finding a substitute drinking “glass” made of something other than plastic that is also not going to break the first time it gets used. So far I haven’t made any progress on that one. I think about it whenever a Crate and Barrel catalog graces my door. So, that’s something.

This evening Lucy was looking out into the back yard when suddenly she got crazy! There was something in the backyard and she was gonna git it. I sort of cocked my head to the side, as my little girl has been known to do to consider the situation.

From 2010

If it’s a cat or a squirrel, I want her to run out there and scare it out of the litter-sandbox and/or garden. If it’s a bird, I want to avoid prying feathers out of her teeth. If it’s a skunk… well I never want to go through that again. Squirrel? Skunk? Squirrel? Oh what the heck, I’ll let her out and follow to see what it is. (Great plan if it’s a skunk, right?) She took off! All the way to the other side of the patio table five feet away! Then she ran in circles! Then she charged! OMG! Retreat! Charge! Retreat! CHARGE! She GOT IT. It was one of two plastic cups that had blown off the table and were rolling around on the patio. So – I will be saved from the evils of plastic. Lucy will protect us all.


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