>Jack refers to Dave and Luke and I, collectively, as “guys”. As in, “Watch dis guys!” “Guys! Come here and play.”

Lately, Dave and I have been cracking up around 5:45 when Jack wakes up. After the initial round of “Mama. Mama! MAMA!” and sometimes even, “Daddy, Daddy! DADDEEEEEE!” things get interesting. Saturday morning it was, “Daddy, Mommy, Lukey, Lucy. I miss you. I miss you guys. And I love you. SUNS UP GUYS!” After we couldn’t take it anymore, Dave stuck his head into Jack’s room and told him it was too early to wake up. Jack said, “I just need my Darth Vader helmet!” (He slept in the rest of the costume) And then we didn’t hear from him for another hour.

This morning it was, “Daddy’s on FIRST BASE! And Lukey’s on SECOND BASE! And Mommy’s on THIRD BASE! And it’s Jackie’s turn to bat!” (the bases are pronounced with a very deep voice.)

Last night I went in to give him a kiss after Dave had put Jack to bed. He jumped up and said, “I have my king hat on! I have my magic boots on! I am going to take my sword and slay the dragon and the monster and save the princess! He held up one index finger, “This is the MONSTER!” and then he held up the other index finger, “This is Jackie!” And then he swirled his fingers around in the air and all over the place. “I’m skiin’ with the monster! And the monster is fast! And I am faster! And we hit the rails. And we ski everywhere.” Then he held up his two index fingers to me and said, “I’m gonna sleep wif’ dese guys. Kiss them goodnight.” So I kissed his index fingers and he laid down with his head on his pillow, and his two index fingers resting side by side on the pillow too.

Good night guys.


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  1. jack

    >Dude – I was surfing your site and found the 19th of July file. Ahhh, great memories. Is there a contest this year??

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