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From Dodd

We leave today for Dodd’s funeral in Ohio. He was a college friend, roommate, and the best man at our wedding.

Dave and I have been sharing Dodd stories for days, and it always goes the same way, laughter at the memory and tears when the realization hits that there won’t be anymore Dodd stories. I shared this one with some friends a few days ago:

One time we went to see The Allman Brothers at Red Rocks, and when I woke up the next morning I walked past our futon and Dodd was asleep face down, still holding the glow stick that had brought us so much joy the night before. He reminded me of a child who had just had the best day of his life and fallen into the kind of nap you can only have after your first trip to the zoo, still holding a balloon. In fact, when my own kids have fallen asleep holding balloons, I remember that morning.

And that reminds me of his wedding toast which I think, and I am going to use quotes here because I am pretty sure I’ll get it right, “mumble, mumble, Just remember, Have fun. That’s what it’s all about.”

I anticipate that the journey may have some challenges, and I could go into why, but I’ll just say this: plane ride + possible 22 hour drive home + Jack= challenging. I am going to experiment with twitter at least for the drive home, so feel free to follow our progress here: http://twitter.com/metamegan.


3 thoughts on “>Best Man

  1. Family of Weebles

    >Megan and Dave, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend! I will pray for you as you make that long journey home. P.S. your wedding was the funnest wedding EVER!

  2. jack

    >We had a good time, despite the circumstances of the visit. Regrettably, I must report that Simona's laptop remains missing. One of your techno buddies must have grabbed it. Sorry Dan

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