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>Yesterday I received a request for more Luke stories, so I’ll share this one, even though my facebook friends already know it.

Luke, what did you learn at school today?
You didn’t learn one new thing today?
No, they haven’t teached me anything.

I posted that on facebook, and I was trying to get the dialog right, so I asked Luke for clarification.

Was it, “they don’t teach me anything or they haven’t teached me anything?”
He said, It’s “they haven’t teached” me anything. Because they still could teach me something in the future.

So there you have the conjugation of the past imperfect verb: teached.

(Luke’s school of 268 students, will have between $30,000 and $113,000 cut from their budget for next year.)

Now, I could tell another story about how Luke had a friend over, which is very stressful for me these days because most kids don’t like a puppy jumping on them, but I told Luke that after I yelled at him for what happened, I wouldn’t talk about it anymore. So, I should stop there with the story.

See, I either have to have kids in the yard, and puppy in the house, but then the puppy whines to go outside, or kids in the basement and puppy upstairs, which is perfect for me, but kids don’t necessarily like to be in the basement on 70 degree March days. We had tried some of both, which occasional jumpiness during the transition between one set up and another. Then the kids were outside and Lucy was on my lap when Luke walked through the house alone. I asked where he was going and what he was doing, and he didn’t answer. I got suspicious as he went into the basement, and still didn’t answer me. Why did he leave his friend in the yard? What was he getting in the basement? Then I heard 2 voices down there and as I was trying to figure out how the friend had gotten past me, Luke came upstairs and asked me to replace the screen in his window that had come out when he let his friend in through the window well/egress window. Oops! I talked about it. Well, I wrote about it – so I suppose that’s a loophole.

We’ve agreed to use the door from now on.


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