>Words I Hoped to Never Type

>I had to remove food from a child’s nose today. This has always been one of my big parenting fears. A child that puts something in his nose, gets upset, inhales it into his sinus cavity, trip to the emergency room, trauma, etc. Or worse, I have to do what I once read: get them to close their mouth and then suck whatever is stuck in their nose out with your own mouth. Sick, I know. But I needed a backup plan in case we were camping and the terrible situation occurred. I did a lot of planning and worrying about this eventuality as you can tell. Actually, it’s sort of weird that I have always been so worried about this sort of thing because Luke would never, ever put something in his nose. Jack. That sums it up.

But this evening’s experience was actually easy to deal with because it was just noodles, and they were still sort of hanging out. So first I had a minor heart attack when I saw the dangling noodles, then I yanked them out, then I ran and got the bulb sucker and pinned him down to make sure I got everything. I mean, I was pretty sure I got everything, but I sort of thought a little suffering at the hands of the bulb sucker would get the point across.

One parenting fear: Handled.


6 thoughts on “>Words I Hoped to Never Type

  1. Mare

    >LOL… I didn't know this fear, Megan. And I think the sucking thing came from me when Bryn pushed a Jelly Belly up her nose. Only you give a CPR breath to blow it out, not suck it out. 😉 It works, though, and avoids the ER.Hopefully this is checked off the list and will never rear it's ugly head again!

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