>Morning Time

>The Characters:
Jack – a toddler.
MetaMegan – A Momma

The Setting: Early Sunday morning. The sun has not yet risen. The scene is bleary, slightly out of focus. A toddler whines in the distance, slowly becoming louder. The scene comes into focus.

“Momma, change my diaper please. I stinky” (Picture a tragically sad toddler face. Filled with regret.)

“OK.” (MetaMegan sniffs, pats his bottom.) “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I stinky. Puh-wheeze change my diaper?” (Looks hopeful.)

“Ok.” (MetaMegan sighs. Heaves Jack out of the crib. Jack runs off and starts playing.)

“Wait! Get back here! Your diaper!”

“No – I not so stinky anymore. I play.”

End scene.


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