>Cake! Cake! Cake!

>Dorm food isn’t often something to get really excited about, but when we were in college, there was one cake that I can still taste 10 years later. (Oh, it’s been more that 10 years?) It was served at our freshmen orientation, and I hoped to see it again soon, but I think that cake was just a ploy to get us to sign up for the 20 meal per week plan. The next time that cake appeared was at the fancy Thanksgiving dinner that was served in the dining hall during finals. My friends and I got dressed up, asked dates, convinced our dates to dress up (they wore ties), and went to that dinner. Who was my date? Not sure, but I know cheated on it with that cake.

I think there was one other day when the cake appeared randomly in the cafeteria, along with the number of calories per serving, and it was henceforth referred to as 2000 calorie cake. I didn’t care, I would have eaten it again, but alas, I moved off campus and the cake became just a sweet, sweet memory. I had only the freshman 15 to remember it by.

Where am I going with this story? Oh, yes. Luke picked a cake out of Sky High for his birthday. Specifically, Triple Layer Fudge Cake. And yes. It is as good, or possibly better than the dorm cake.

From 2010February

I may need to rethink my policy of just following the directions first and hoping it turns out. I don’t know why I can’t make myself just adjust for altitude the first time. I think, “Maybe it will turn out perfectly! If not, I’ll slowly start decreasing the baking powder an eighth of a teaspoon at a time (and slowly start increasing the moisture a tablespoon at a time, etc) every time I make this labor intensive, 2-day’s worth of work cake, and then, after the 90th time I have made it, it will be perfect!”

Well, maybe I will do that. The cake was incredibly delicious, but it sort of sunk in the middle, so I had to fill that in with lots and lots of icing. No one complained, but it seemed like my cake could have been sky higher.

Still – the likeness is uncanny.

From 2010February

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  1. jack

    >I trust the kids have moved beyond the cake, cake, cake demand stage. Their grandmother should never have taught them that……

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