>It’s A Good Thing Jack Can Talk

>Monday, it snowed and I worked from home, because… why not? The Honda had been in need of new tires for a while, and the van was covered in snow. Tuesday I took the van so that Dave could get new tires on the Fit. That means I was the last person to use the van key. That’s singular folks: as in key. We have one key.

So when Dave called me at work on Thursday because he wanted to drive somewhere and did I know where the van key was? I had to just heave a huge sigh because no. I didn’t. I looked in my purse and pockets and then started lamely suggesting places to look, all obvious, all places Dave had already looked. But wait! What was I wearing on Tuesday? Check in those pants. Never mind, those were the pants I was wearing that day too. It’s OK – he didn’t really need to run that errand, but I was going to need to find the key because I was the last one that had it.

When Dave mentioned it Friday, I started to look in “the drawer” (you know the one) and Dave said, “It’s insulting that you would even look there. I said, “What? I’m looking for chapstick. I can’t look for the van key with chapped lips. Oh good! Here it is. Now I can apply some chapstick and then look for the van key.” But really, I had to start there. I have a system when I am looking for something. Drawer, tray, desk, nightstand, bathroom, dresser, drawer, tray desk, nightstand, bathroom, dresser. I just have to keep repeating that pattern and praying to St. Anthony until I get an inspiration and find what I am looking for. Like when I found the ibuprofen in cabinet with the wine glasses. Nothing Friday, but I started to have a memory of Jack playing with the van key. Maybe I left it on the counter… etc.

Saturday, Dave said, “Where’s the van key?” And I said, “Jack had it last. 5 days ago.” And Dave said, “Where’s the van key, Jack?” And Jack said, “I put it in the bench.”

Dave and I raced to the bench and started rummaging through hats and coats and mittens and there it was.


2 thoughts on “>It’s A Good Thing Jack Can Talk

  1. Family of Weebles

    >LOL too funny. Reminds me of a time when my (at the time) 1 year old niece hid my keys. We looked everywhere and then finally asked her where she put my keys. She showed us. They were in the greased up Wok inside the cabinet. YUK!

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