>The Times They Are a Changin’

>Possibly inappropriate to misappropriate Senior Dylan’s music to discuss changes to my blog. But that song is in my head, so there is no other title forthcoming.

So! I backed up MetaMegan, removed the Jack Stats (not updated in the past year) removed the Longest Stretch of Sleep for Mommy section (it was that or start updating it with how long Lucy is sleeping, and that is just depressing.)

I also changed the background, and added a Followers section on the bottom right. Lastly, I am now not allowing anonymous comments any more (sorry Dad and Ellie) because I started getting spam in the comments. Boo! I hate that word verification, it makes me feel like I don’t know my letters because I pretty much always get it wrong the first time. But what else can I do? Allow spammers? Nooooo!

OH! And I added a search button, for all those times when you think, what was that bon mot/recipe/anecdote that was so wonderful that I sort of forgot it? No? OK, well I will use it, I am sure. For when I finally get around to writing up my Thanksgiving dressing recipe. Next Thanksgiving, I won’t have to search and search through November and December 2009 wondering where it is and how I cooked the chestnuts. I’ll just use the search and find it right here in February! (Ok… probably March.)

And now for the super bowl menu:
Honey Barbecue Wings
Hot Wings
Spaghetti Sauce with Whole Wheat noodles
Homemade Bread
Guacamole and Chips
Brie and Crackers
Chex Mix (Dave’s recipe)
Veggie tray.

Happy Superbowl!


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  1. The DINKs

    >Oh goodie!! You added the search button. Believe it or not, I needed it the other day when I was trying to remember the campground you like in Fruita….Like all the rest of the changes, too!

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