>Quel maledetto treno blindato

>Remember how I decided not to mix the Academy Awards, wine and netflix? I have now entered three strikes and you are out territory. It turns out that I should apply that restriction to the Golden Globes because just this week I had 2 more screw ups.

Let’s review my history first.

1.) I add movies to my queue that have won awards, but are terribly sad, depressing, heart wrenching, or otherwise not something I’d rather not see. IE. The Savages. Strike 1.
2.) The screen gets a little bleary and I end up with the wrong movie. IE: The Original Frost Nixon Interviews. Not Frost Nixon… But Frost and Nixon for real. And if I have no desire to see the original Frost Nixon interviews, why on God’s earth would I want to see a dramatic reenactment? Strike Two.

And now on to the Golden Globes fall out.

3.) I add movies that I want to see, and I know Dave won’t like, but I add them behind a bunch of movies that we will both like. But those movies all have an extremely long wait, and so I end up with my movie right away instead of timing it for when Dave is out of town. IE: Gray Gardens. Foul Ball! I watched midweek and returned in time to get a mutually agreeable movie for the weekend.
4.) See number 2 above. Tomorrow Inglorious Bastards will be arriving. Yes, the 1978 cult classic subtitled Quel maledetto treno blindato. I curse you Quentin Tarantino, and your lack of originality! Strike 3.

I’m out. I suppose Dave will now take over control of our netflix account.


6 thoughts on “>Quel maledetto treno blindato

  1. Laura M

    >I rented the Savages after last years' Golden Globes/ wine sampling. I love Philip. so Gray Gardens stunk/stank? It looked so unusual. I missed the globes this year because we were in NE, so I won't be watching things like 'Revolutionary Road' thank you jesus.

  2. Meta Megan

    >I loved Gray Gardens – it just isn't the sort of thing I would have gotten when Dave was around. Although he might have liked it too. It was so crazy. And Revolutionary Road was one of last year's disasters.

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