>The Secret is in the Egg

>I think I could do at least a whole week of cooking posts, so maybe I will. But for now I wanted to share our New Year’s Day recipe. This was a yummy soup that I made to use up a bunch of collard greens that we got from our CSA this summer. With the ham (symbolizing forward motion), black eyed peas (luck), and greens (prosperity) it seemed like a perfect dish for New Year’s Day.

I needed some help from one of my junior cooks, because I wasn’t feeling 100% on New Years Day. It’s weird, because it seems like a night that starts with a nice glass of eggnog, progresses to wine with (and by with I mean, before during and after) dinner, and ends with a to go cup of Irish cream would make for a great start to the new year. (I think I just put my finger on the holiday weight gain. Note to self: Make a belated new years resolution to steer clear of egg based drinks.)

Anyway, Jack was glad to oblige. He tore up the kale.

From 2010January

He sampled some carrots, and he stirred.

From 2010January

And when I wasn’t looking, he put Luke’s egg full of silly putty in the crock pot. I noticed it hours later. The silly putty was sort of melty but completely contained in the egg. So I just threw it away and didn’t tell anyone. Then, to be thorough, I threw Jack’s silly putty away too. The soup was delicious though! I plan to defrost some of the leftovers for dinner next week with cornbread.

Recipe – basically this. But I used dried beans instead of canned. And instead of a piece of ham I used a giant ham hock. And I did it in the crockpot instead of on the stove. Note to self – high temp next time. And I added carrots and celery. I used collard greens the first time I made it and kale the second time. It works either way. Don’t forget the silly putty.


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