>Trimming the Tree

>Luke and I decorated the tree this afternoon. Last year we got a small live tree and put it in the bay window behind the couch because certain 1 year olds couldn’t be trusted with a tree and ornaments.

This year we got out the big, lovely, fake tree and we had room for all the ornaments. We decorated it while Jack was sleeping, and I pretty much let Luke have free reign. (Partially because I got paged in the middle of it and had to work. Booo!!!!) The only direction I gave was to say that anything breakable had to be out of Jack’s reach. Luke has an interesting tree decorating strategy. He likes to put things together in groups. So all the little glass balls are together, all the star wars ornaments are together, all the John Deere ornaments are together, and so on. (Yes, our ornaments are awesome.) It’s an interesting effect. I call it, “Vintage 6 Year Old.”

And yes, I did spend a few minutes thinking about cropping the Precious Moments ornament out of the photo, but it’s a very special God Parent ornament that Grandma says is from Uncle John, and Luke likes it.


3 thoughts on “>Trimming the Tree

  1. Family of Weebles

    >We got our tree put together today (not decorated yet) and the outside of the house decorated. Tomorrow we will conquer the tree decorations and the rest of the inside of the house. I am thinking it may be time for a new tree that is pre-lit and only comes apart into three sections. I have to put mine together branch by branch after fluffing said branches to make them look real. Then I have to put all the lights on. Ugh! It never bothered me too much until this year. I am getting too old for this.

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