>Tackle Soccer

>I just finished playing tackle soccer with the bossiest tackle soccer player that you will ever meet. It was mostly kicking the ball from one end of the basement to the other and tackling the other player when you got there. You’d think that would be pretty simple, but a certain 2 year old seemed to think I needed a lot of direction.

“Momma! Kick it. Now run. Go go go Momma! Yea Momma! Good job. Now tackle me. Fall down, I tackle you. Get up now please. Run! Kick it!”

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Did I mention that he made me wear a fire fighter helmet the whole time? Every time I tried to chuck it somewhere, he noticed and made me put it back on. “Put on fire fighter helmet, Momma! Helmet on!”

And yes, I predict certain anonymous commenters will say I had this coming.


4 thoughts on “>Tackle Soccer

  1. Anonymous

    >Actually, your brother played tackle soccer years ago. Once while watching him play, a friend asked if he'd play soccer in college. I said no, that he had indicated a desire to play rubgy. At that moment he instigated a rather violent collision in front of us. The other father mumbled "I think he's already started playing rugby".

  2. TwinToddlersDad

    >I found your blog via IComLeavWe. Very funny and entertaining posts!My 3 yo son's world revolves around trains, and lately chocolate/candy. His twin sister on the hand is just beginning to discover the magical world of the Disney Princesses. Tackle soccer with a fire fighter helmet on Dad's head has fortunately not yet entered their imagination!Life with kids that young if interesting and follows no rules.I look forward to enjoying more of your posts.

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