>The Dummening: In the Form of Clumsiness

>You’d think I would be really calm, and not at all jittery to the point of dropping things and breaking things now that I really can’t make coffee. Yeah, I recently broke the coffee carafe. It wasn’t that big of a deal because we could just use the french press until I search every store in the tri-state area for a replacement carafe. That worked until I broke the french press. There was also an incident where someone knocked a glass into another glass in the cabinet, causing massive breakage, but I am not claiming that. I swear that was Dave.

Regardless, now that I am unhappily giving up caffeine, it’s odd that this sort of thing keeps happening. What sort of thing you ask? The sort of thing where I say, “Oh great! There is the perfect amount of salad left over to make a really big salad for my lunch tomorrow!” And then I followed that up with, “I’ll just take a picture of this with my camera.”

A few nights later I was making a fritatta for dinner.

In case it isn’t clear, that is a picture of four eggs* on the floor. Luke took a look and said, “Crack an egg on your head, let the juice run down.”

On the bright side, the frittata did turn out to be delicious. There weren’t any leftovers. (I took the picture before everyone had seconds.) Happy Friday the 13th, everyone; I hope you enjoyed your week of dummening! (And since the week was about The Dummening, I am sure no one will care that it was only 5 days long!)

* I did not use the eggs that fell on the floor.