>From the Mouths of…

>From the mouths of babe… And by babes, I mean 6 year old knows-it-all.

Sunday was errand running day. We went to home depot, the verizon store, and we wanted to go to Bed Bath and Beyond, but we just didn’t have time.

Dave decided we should walk from Home Depot to the Verizon store, and he would catch up with us after he dropped the furnace filters off at the car. “Oh, what the heck, I’ll just drive over so the car will be there.” It was 17 degrees on Sunday, and snowy.

Jack was holding hands with Luke and I, and running. Then he would just drop down and hang from us and take a bunch of fast steps while dangling, parallel to the ground. Then he would jump, then sometimes fall, then run.

Once he broke free and ran towards the street. I scooped him up, and in between his screams, I tried to explain to him that when we are walking near a street you cannot let go of mommy’s hand. You! CANNOT! Let! Go! Of! MOMMY’S! HAND!

Luke had a good suggestion though, “Or you could just hold on tighter, Mommy.”


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