>Back in the (Bay) Days

>I was sharing my wonderful Fourth of July memories with my family during the fire works on Saturday. My dad used to outdo everyone with a different adjective for each firework display, and my mom went with the old standby of “oooh” “ahhhh” “ohhhhh”. And I LOVED the fireworks. My favorite of my dad’s adjectives was “multi-faceted” which I heard as “multi-fascinating”. Of course nothing could top Bay Days, and all through college whenever I would meet someone new from Bay Village (which was often since lots of people from Bay went to my college and since I didn’t go to Bay High, I didn’t know any of them) I always said, “Wasn’t Bay Days the best?” The answer was always yes. I partly did this to annoy Dave because he thought Bay Days was lame.

What was Bay Days? Well, I think it was mostly a place where goldfish went to live their last week. I know we always left with one or two and the fate of one of those goldfish could be the subject of a chapter in my memoir. More on that some other day. Other than the goldfish you could win, I think there were rides. And maybe a parade? Definitely fireworks. Bay Days and Mardi Gras were the highlight of my social calendar from about age 6 until 14.

I still love to go to the fireworks, so this year, when I was told to dial into a conference call at 9:00 pm on the 4th of July, I had to politely decline. And then when Jack fell off a chair and split his lip I told him to shake it off. And when Luke started whining, and whining, and whining, and Dave said, “Maybe going to the fireworks isn’t such a good idea after all”, I responded with, “I want to go to the fireworks, so we are going to the fireworks. Now everyone needs to quit whining and bleeding, and start pedalling or we are going to miss it, and I am going to be angry!”

It was really the stuff of memories. Family togetherness and all. So once we got there and sat down 2 seconds before the show started, I tried to fill everyone in on how much fun I had at the fireworks as a kid, with my family. It really worked to change everyone’s mood. Dave came up with some great adjectives. Jack did a lot of oohing and ahhing. I ran out of adjectives pretty quickly, and I think that might be because the fireworks display was a lot longer, and possibly better than the Bay Days display. Luke got into the spirit finally. Well, sort of. His favorite fireworks response was, “Oooh. Ahhh. Lame.”


5 thoughts on “>Back in the (Bay) Days

  1. JCH

    >A word or two on bay days. The "salt and pepper shakers ride": quite possibly the most frightening contraption ever. Hey, why be scared? I mean, after all, the ride is on wheels, and operated by a fugitive with an eye patch. Bay fireworks-one firework shot into the air every 3 minutes, and it lasted about 9 minutes. However, bay days did rule. Great memories.

  2. Anonymous

    >Are these fireworks different than the fireworks you could see over Lake Erie? When Keith lived in Lakewood, we watched the fireworks over Lake Erie. Don't remember much about them, so they couldn't have been that good.

  3. Anonymous

    >NIce motivational speech there Megan. Any sentence ending with "or I'll be angry" is sure to positively motivate the troops. Had I known, I'd have taken pictures of Bay Days this year to augment your blog. There were a couple of lean years as JCH reports and that led to filling in the blanks with sesquipedalian verbiage. That's no longer necessary. In response to Anonymous – there were fireworks in Lakewood at the park and at Bay and at Edgewater and all three were shot out over the Lake.

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