>Books For Sale!

>Luke has been writing books lately. He wrote an Underdog comic, and a book about Wdir Sports. (“Does water have an A in it? On no!”) And today he made a big announcement! Luke will be selling chapter books for $1.00 and non-chapter books for 2 quarters. I got really excited and offered to set him up an Etsy shop and Dave said he’d get him a PayPal account. However, he said he’d rather have people just come to our house and give him dollars in person. But Dave suggested selling prints of his artwork too, and maybe we just figured out how to pay for college. And to think all this time, I have been gathering stacks of his work and just mailing it out!

Anyway, Luke said I should blog about his project in case there are any readers who like to read and who live close enough to stop by with a dollar. Some of the books are still being written, so start saving.


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