>Just a Few More Pictures

>And maybe one more video tomorrow…

The Highlights (until my camera fell in the sand and stopped working):

We had a suite on the first floor and I took this picture from our patio:

From Mexico

The boys were very cute:

From Mexico
From Mexico

Jack really likes to say cheese for the camera now:

From Mexico

We really needed a few days of nothing but sun, beach, pool, food and drinks. You can tell by the smiles:

From Mexico

Now, I mentioned the highlights, and I mentioned the only real challenge we faced, but here are some other interesting tidbits.

Most common types of pizza at the snack bar:
hot dog pizza
salami pizza
tuna fish pizza
hotdog and carrot pizza

And this:
Me: I wish we had just eaten all this fruit so we wouldn’t have to declare it.
Dave: It’s no big deal, you just have to declare it.
Customs Officer: This form is for you, but don’t worry you aren’t in trouble.
Me: You are taking the fruit?
Customes Officer: In the future, don’t bring fruit to Mexico.
Jack: Miiiiiiiiine. BANANA!
Me: (contemplate asking the customs officer for the confiscated banana so I can feed it to Jack right there.)
Jack: Miiiiiiiine!

Note to self: anything included in the section with weapons and explosives, is probably something you should eat before you get off the plane.


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  1. Anonymous

    >OMG – the picture of the 3 of you smiling is just awesome! You all look so genuinely HAPPY! So glad you had such a great time!Ellie

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