>MetaMegan: Grounded Until The Taxes Are Filed

>I really, really need to get the taxes done. I’d be working on them right now, but long story short, I am working on work. So, as soon as I finish this fun project, I am moving on to the taxes, and no blogging allowed until I am finished!

But coming soon:
1.) Several months of backlog of Panic Attack Magazine
2.) Luke week, in which I focus on cute things about Luke so he doesn’t have to go into therapy when he reads my blog and it sounds like I am always talking about his brother. Before I forget – today we had this exchange:
Me: We need to try on some shorts to make sure you have some pairs that fit before we go to Mexico.
Luke: Eye roll
Me: Unless you just want to wear your bathing suit the whole time
Luke: No, because then girls be saying, “Wow, those are some pretty funny shorts you are wearing.”
Me: (thought balloon) Uh… Huh?? Wha?? Girls???
3.) Jack’s reaction to hand me down sandals
4.) My fun sewing project.

That is all for now. Wish me luck with the taxes.

Here is a picture of my baby hippo to tide you over:

From March

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