>Bus Language

>Growing up in Dave’s household there were certain words that fell under the category of bus language because the first time you heard them was on the bus to school. I was a walker, so I never took the bus, but I did acquire quite a colorful vocabulary somehow, and I have been silently or not so silently swearing since a tender age. In fact, the only way I got through the stress of Sr. Joan of Arc’s fourth grade class was to open my desktop, stick my head in as far as it would go and let the expletives fly. But I have cleaned up my act and I am happy to say, that Luke has yet to say one actual swear word. (He has certainly never said anything to rival a certain child I know, that said, in front of her grandma, “Get the hell out of here you stupid-ass cat.”)

In fact, when Dave accidentally referred to himself as a dumbass, Luke said, “Daddy, you’re not the dumbess.” Then he looked a little confused and corrected himself, “Daddy, you’re not the dumbest.”

So it was very surprising this past weekend when Luke was playing star wars legos on the wii and he yelled out, “Take that you shin head!”

“What did you say?”

“Take that you shin head!”

“Ahh! That’s not nice! Where did you hear that? Who says that? Never say that again!?” That was Dave’s reaction. I would have tried to get answers to one question at a time, but what was done was done. And we both managed not to laugh at all.

While the first near swear was mildly horrifying, I am happy to have a new phrase for my repertoire!