>We All Have Our Quirks

>I have been working a lot. It’s very annoying. I have been home 3 days with sick kids and I have been making up the time in the evenings. Also, when I go in to work, I still have more to do in the evenings. It’s really cutting into my blogging time. Also, my life.

And that is how I found myself putting away laundry and cleaning the kitchen at 11:05 p.m. this evening.

Earlier today I picked up all the recycling from the bathroom (toilet paper roll, shampoo bottle, soap box) and carried it some of the way to the recycling bin. Later, I saw Luke standing a toilet paper roll on the counter and he said, “Please don’t move this toilet paper roll unless I say it’s OK.” I said, “OK.”

After his shower, Luke came out of the bathroom holding some towel thread. I said, “What do you have there?” He said, “some thread. It’s very special to me. I am going to put it somewhere special.” I said, “OK.”

So when I was trying to clean off the counter before bed, and I knocked over the toilet paper roll, I wasn’t surprised to find some frayed towel thread and a shell inside it. Amused, but not surprised.


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