>Circle, Star, Star, Star

>The Target toy catalog has been floating around the house lately, and I told Luke it would be a big help if he circled a few ideas for me, so I could share them with relatives. He pretty much circled everything in the book that wasn’t pink. Then I said, “OK, how about this? Put a star next to the three things you want the most.” Minutes later, in anguish, he turned to me and said, “I have already starred 10 things I just JUST got to the Star Wars Lego page!” So I said, “Put two stars next to the three things that you want the most.” Long story short, everything in the book (that isn’t pink) now has three stars next to it. Three stars and some initials. The initials (D, J, M) stand for things that Luke would like, but that aren’t worth one of his precious three stars.

I started a conversation about picking a family charity by saying, “What are you concerned about? What do you want to fix in the world? Are you worried about animals? People not having enough food?” He said, “I am worried about kids not having enough toys.” So he wants to donate some baby toys. I think we have a ways to go with this philanthropy thing.