>Attack of The Killer Babies

I found out on Thursday that my dear, sweet Jack has been attacking other babies at the daycare. Apparently he picks one out and makes a bee line for him/her, and, if he can make before anyone gets to him, he climbs on top of the other baby and bounces. The teachers have been encouraging him to climb on top of a teddy bear and bounce on it, which I guess isn’t as fun because there is no screaming, crying, and general mayhem. I would be freaking out about having a bully instead of a baby, but we went through the exact same thing with Luke and he turned out to be a nice, little gentleman.

But we do need to tone down the horseplay at home, I guess. And no more hysterical laughter when he attacks his brother. But they do look so cute together when they wrestle.


1 thought on “>Attack of The Killer Babies

  1. Anonymous

    >OH no, can’t limit the horse play! They are SO cute when they wrestle! Granted, we have completely ruined a speaker in our house, not to mention our couches, but it’s just too precious to limit. ;-)Ellie

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