>It may sound like I am complaining about my little handful, but I know he is a blessing. We waited so long for his arrival, years actually. It was like an elephant gestation. Longer than an elephant’s 22 months actually. Like being pregnant for a while, and then not being pregnant for a really long time, and then being pregnant again, but having the pregnancy be really precarious for a while, and then having everything seem fine, and then being really nervous about things for a while, and then having everything be fine again and then having a baby! And then all of a sudden after all that waiting and praying and worrying, it’s a year later and Jack is a smiling little handful who gets into everything!

So, I have declared this week to be all about Jack, and how Jacktastic he is.

Jack likes to hide behind the curtain until we notice he is missing and then he plays peek-a-boo with us. He gives his hiding place away really quickly with his giggling though.



7 thoughts on “>Jackstastic!

  1. Anonymous

    >Aw, Megan. What a terrific mother you are – so busy, yet still taking the time to smell the flowers (or the kids, in your case). And he really is very Jackstastic!Ellie

  2. Anonymous

    >Megan,Thanks for letting us join you on your Jacktastic journey.I’m so glad you take the time to blog. It will tide me over until your book is published!Kristen, an anonymous friend of anonymous Ellie

  3. Beth

    >Thanks, Anthony and Rose just watched that a gazillion times. Now they are taking turns saying, “Where’s baby Jack?” “Peek-a-boo!”

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