>Pre/Post Mad Men Musings

Welcome to the, “I’m Back! And I’m going to start posting again! And using a lot of extra punctuation, (mainly parenthess!) post!”

I told Dave that I sort of feel as if I have been a zombie for the last month and I am finally back to being myself again. (ie: Toast as a side dish.) This weekend I was cleaning closets and organizing rooms and crossing things off my to do list – and this is a to do list that is so old and neglected that it has stuff on it from early September. (Sorry Katie – I never bought that baptism gift!) (Dave pointed out that I stopped looking at my to do list right around the time my blog output completely dropped off to hardly anything.) I don’t know if it was beginning of school stress, end of Bean’s life stress, or the changing seasons, but I have shed my zombie inclinations, just in time for Halloween! (Braaaains!)

Speaking of Bean, Dave and I were at a party on Friday and I was overheard saying, “Oh, plans for tomorrow? I am taking the boys to get a flu shot and then we are picking up the dog’s ashes.”

Another mom said, “Um, you might want to throw in a trip to the ice cream store or something.”

Good advice. We had a nice weekend, and the weather was perfect for a little backyard ceremony.

In other news: Jack is looking like he wants to start walking. Perfect timing because the memory on my camera is full and I can’t find the card thingy. (When Luke was about to start walking there was a smudge on my camera (birthday cake from his party) and I freaked out and ran to the camera store. They dipped a Q tip in windex and wiped off the lens.)

Moving on… ***Mad Men Spoiler*** Who watches? And do we think Don is the father of Betty’s baby? I think not. Thoughts? Just six short months until next season.


4 thoughts on “>Pre/Post Mad Men Musings

  1. Anonymous

    >I don’t think Don is the father. I think it’s the guy from the stable. (author’s note: As an ex-smoker and a on-going drinker, how do they get ANYTHING done?) I remember the days when people smoked everywhere, but the drinking in the office?? Gives break time a whole new meaning. “Hey, Don haven’t seen you in 20 minutes – let’s have a drink.” More importantly, what’s up with the redhead???

  2. Meta Megan

    >I thought it might be the guy from the stable too, but I am back to thinking that Don is because I remembered the scene at her father’s house. Poor Joan though. Ugh, hate the fiance!

  3. Anonymous

    >The more I think about it, the more I think it’s the stable guy. In the mores of the era, no deed goes unpunished. It would be payback both for Betty and for Don if she got preggers by another guy. Of course, that’s my Catholic upbringing.

  4. Meta Megan

    >I don’t think so. I think the twist is that Don thought she was taking him back because he won her over with the letter, but now it seems more like she is taking him because she has too. I could be wrong though.

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