>Rest In Peace Bean

Thanks to everyone for your kind words about Bean today. We are all still pretty sad, and in my case, mildly hungover from our Irish wake last night.

Here is my eulogy if you didn’t get the email.

Almost 15 years ago, when Dave and I had been dating for four months he decided to get a dog. He needed to borrow a car from one of my roommates to get to the pound, but he didn’t want to take a bunch of girls with him for fear we’d pressure him into getting a dog that wasn’t exactly right but was sooooo cuuuuuute. We promised Dave we’d keep our opinions to ourselves so he’d let us come with him. There were two tiny puppies together in a cage, but Bean was much cuter and quieter than the other dog. And the other dog went right back inside while Bean just stared at us, silently. I remember that Dave was getting out his wallet, (to pay what? sixteen dollars, maybe?) and the animal control guy picked Bean up by the scruff of his neck and tossed him roughly into my arms. I had never held a dog before.

Bean was our first baby, and he taught us a little bit about what it would be like to be parents. In the last few months he taught us a about caring for someone at the end of their life. In the middle he was that crazy, somewhat neurotic roommate who got in trouble for things you wouldn’t dream of doing, but who was always there for you, and who always had your back.

We had a lot of good times, and we already miss him.

Rest in Peace, Bean
(February 1994 – October 15, 2008)


5 thoughts on “>Rest In Peace Bean

  1. Bill and Cindy

    >Megan,I am so sad to hear this news this morning. I didn’t get the email, so I was somewhat shocked to see your post. We have been there, several times, so we know what you are going through. We are thinking of you guys and praying that you will feel peace as you remember the good times with your sweet ‘baby’. Bean lived a long life with a great family!

  2. Meta Megan

    >Cindy – I am so sorry I left you off the list. I did a really bad job with the email list. I am thinking about occasionally doing a Bean post to share some of the crazy stories.

  3. Anonymous

    >Meg – A Bean post would be a great thing. A tribute to a free spirit and in a way – the essence of the Irish Wake – telling stories to celebrate his life. You’ve gotta share the Brian and the cookies story.

  4. JCH

    >My favorite Bean memory was from my first colorado trip in 1997-summer before college. Megan and Dave had recently purchased a foldout couch and I had the pleasure of sleeping on it. A few Fat Tire Ale’s (underage) and I was sleeping soundly. I woke up in the morning with a feeling that my arm couldnt move. It couldn’t, but why not? I looked to my left, no problem there. Looked to my right, and there was Bean, with both paws completely trapping my right arm all the while staring at me as if to say “How could you be sleeping in this late? I need to be played with!” Rest in Peace Bean, and if all dogs go to heaven, Bean took the express route.

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