>11, Exactly. It’s One Louder

>These go to eleven.

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4 thoughts on “>11, Exactly. It’s One Louder

  1. Anonymous

    >Got the Spinal Tap reference right away – took a little longer for the anniversary to click with me. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!Ellie

  2. JCH

    >Marti DiBergi-“Why dont you make ten higher, and just make these all go to ten?”Nigel Tufnel-“these go to eleven.”Nice, pretty sure I had a really good time at your wedding.

  3. Anonymous

    >I must admit I didn’t get the Spinal Tap reference. But I can confirm that JCH did have a wonderful time at the wedding. It was I think, his first experience at a wedding with my cousins. Typical Irish Wedding……

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