>Second Last Person on Earth Joins Facebook

>MetaMegan joined Facebook this week, making her the second last person on Earth to join, her friends and family said Sunday. “I just wanted to see what it was, but I can’t really figure it out” she was heard to say, stating one of the three excuses people over 30 mention when explaining why they have joined a social networking site developed for college students. Other excuses include, “I wanted to look up old boyfriends” and “my 2o year reunion was coming up and everyone was getting in touch via facebook.”

Mentioning that you do not really understand how Facebook works is another common Facebook related utterance according to Dr. Magoo, Sociology Professor at Ohio University. “People like to say they don’t really understand facebook for several reasons. In the over 30 crowd, there is a reticence towards seeming overly enthusiastic about something that may in fact be too ‘young’ for them to fully enjoy. A pretend ignorance can also be a defense mechanism used to explain a low volume of friends. People of this generation grew up programming their parents VCRs, but there is also always a possibilty that they may, in fact, not really understand how Facebook works.” The professor continued, “The case of MetaMegan, a technologist, who installs, documents, uses, and trains people in different software systems on a daily basis, is probably a case of the first situation, also known as Too Cool for School Syndrome.”

“Ooh look, I am up to 23 friends!” Metamegan was heard to say late Sunday night, but she rarely has been known to post a status because she “doesn’t really get what she is supposed to say.”


3 thoughts on “>Second Last Person on Earth Joins Facebook

  1. Dodder

    >UuuuuuMMMM. Really????? Last time I checked Facebook was for people who were technologically inept. MySpace was built for the REAL crowd, but if you’ve been too institutionalized to realize that. Weeeeellll, that ain’t my fault. 🙂

  2. Bill and Cindy

    >I have to agree with dodder. I have both a facebook account and a myspace account. I use the myspace account MUCH more frequently because I REALLY do not understand facebook. I find it confusing. You have to sign up for all these extra applications to do anything and Bill screams that they will put viruses on our computers, so I don’t do it. If you end up on myspace, stop by and see me at myspace.com/twoweebles

  3. molly

    >Even I have a facebook account.I have no idea how I got it or how to access it,but I do get an occassional e-mail saying someone has left a message for me…Or maybe that was myspace…

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