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>I fell asleep in Luke’s bed last night while reading to him, so no time to post. Today I will just reprint some submissions from my good friend Krista:

I vaguely remember this funny fireside scenario…or something to this effect:
Me- “Dave, why don’t you go and check the kids in my van…?”
Dave “I already did! They’re just fooling around in there and talking…I’m sure they’ll put themselves to sleep soon…”
Me “Oh great! Thanks!”
A few minutes pass…
Me “Wait a minute… You didn’t just get up and check them! You have been sitting next to me the whole time!!!”
Dave (laugh, laugh) “Oh great, thanks Krista, now Megan is on to me…”

The non-checked on children:

From s

Also! Krista was riding her bike up Lookout Mountain this week when a suburban full of gigantic men with dark sunglasses tried to flag her down. She was rocking out to her ipod and considered ignoring them. (When you are as beautiful as Krista, men waving at you from a car is an everyday thing. Amy and I once witnessed the following exchange between Krista and a lift operator on a chair lift at Steamboat Springs Resort:
Krista: Nice Eyes
Lift Op: Nice Everything)

Anyway! When asked, “Are you just waving or do you want me to stop?” The gentlemen in the Suburban replied, “No ma’am, you need to turn around, you can’t get through that way. I’m going to need you to turn around and go up a different way.” Apparently she was getting too close to Barack Obama!


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