>Week Three, Drying Tears

>*** Subtitled: Why is Milk? Becows. ***

Oh, we had such a fun weekend! Playing non-stop with the cousins, staying up too late, skipping naps. It was hard for everyone to go to bed last night and face the new week. Tears were shed, fears confessed, condolences sought. But enough about me.

No friends at after school care, and milk anxiety were the big problems last night. But Luke now has a friend at after school care AND he got milk at the cafeteria. And all was right with the world.

Alas, bedtime arrived and the milk anxiety returned. “I don’t want milk!!! They’ll ask me if I want hot lunch and I’ll have to say “No thank you!” and water is good for you!”

Fortunately, Dave put Luke to bed and handled the situation as follows: “You can choose whether or not to get milk. We would prefer that you get milk, but we can’t always be there to help you make decisions. So it’s your choice.” Then he told me not to mention milk. When I went in to give Luke a kiss goodnight he said,

“Did Daddy tell you it’s my choice?”

“About what?”

“The milk!”

“Did he tell you what we would prefer that you choose?”

“Yes. And I choose not to get milk.”


“But I might change my mind. I’ll make up my mind tomorrow.”

I could feel his resolve crumbling under my motherly, guilt-inducing, loving gaze. Yes, Dave and I make a good team.


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