>Did You Ever Have One Of Those Dreams?

>You know that feeling, when the alarm, or the sunshine, or something in the night is slowly waking you up, but you are in the middle of a dream, and you know you’d be so frustrated if it was interrupted? The outside world is seeping in, but you try to block it out and sink further into your subconscious towards the dream resolution that is right around the corner. Maybe you are about to win the 100 meter dash, or set a record in the butterfly. Or maybe your Olympic dream is more along the lines of rhythmic gymnastics with Michael Phelps.

Well, when my baby was trying to wake me around 1:30 am, I resisted. I just couldn’t bring myself to comfort or nourish my little child because I had something in my dream that I needed to finish. See, I was dreaming about emptying the dishwasher, and I didn’t want to be interrupted until it was done.