>Kindergarten Anxiety

>I remember your first day of kindergarten. We walked all the way there, and I had John in the stroller. Wait, was John born yet? No, it must have been Beth in the stroller. And we walked, walked, walked all those blocks and as we got within a block of the school you just put your hand on the stroller. And I thought, “Oh, she just needs a little reassurance.” And that was all, just a hand on the stroller and then everything was fine.

*** My first day of kindergarten as told by my mom ***

All I remember was that my mom had made my name tag and that it was much more beautiful than anyone else’s name tag. And that when I walked out at the end of the day I had no idea where I was supposed to go. I just sort of looked around and thought, “huh.” Then the tide swept me to the other side of the circular drive where all the moms, including my mom, were waiting. And I must have said something about not knowing where to go because I remember my mom saying, “I told you I’d be right here.” And thinking, “I am sure that is right, but I don’t remember that at all.”

Luke seems ready, and not worried about school, but you can all thank me for sparing you the details about the stress I have been experiencing on his behalf. Or maybe not, it could be a future blog post once school has started and I can look back and laugh about it all!

And I’m too tired for the redneck roadtrip post tonight, but here is a teaser: