>Touché, Voodoo Doll. Touché

>After Jack slept through 27 glorious nights in a row, we have had two nights of waking at least 3 times. Is it the three to four teeth he is getting? The fact that the book says nine month olds have consciously realized that crying gets people to appear in front of them? The fact that I lowered his crib mattress finally and now he is disoriented? The non stop fun of grandparents? Did I jinx myself by being so happy about sleep, or is it the voodoo doll?

I have a big backlog of posts in my head and pictures on my camera and videos that need to be uploaded so stay tuned for such potential topics as:
Redneck Roadtrip
Grandma Falls in the Pool and then has a panic attack at Eldorado Springs Canyon
And many more.