>Happy 19th of July!

>Twenty some years ago today, the day was hot and boring in the small town in Ohio where I grew up. We weren’t at the pool, and I was out of ideas. Or maybe I didn’t even try to come up with anything. I just did what any kid would do in that situation, I said, “Mom, I’m bored. What can I do?”

My mom said:

Climb a tree!
Ride your bike!
Read a book!
Write a song!

So I took a little notebook and a little pen and I sat down in the grass on the south side of the house, near the rabbit ears and I wrote the following song:

A, B, C!
1, 2, 3!
19th of July

Most people don’t remember the second verse:


I showed the song to my mom, who shared it with my dad. And the 19th of July was officially born. For the next 10 or 15 years, I had to endure, on a yearly basis, such taunting as, “Hey! Megan! It’s the 19th of July! Let’s all sing the song!” It was miserable.

And then one year I spent the summer away at college, and came home for a weekend, coincidentally on the 19th of July. There was a giant banner across the dining room, “Happy 19th of July, Megan!” And I thought, “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

So it started with just Happy 19th of July wishes, and the occasional card. And Dave wasn’t on board with celebrating this made up holiday of mine until I started serving cake. Once I got a balloon from my friend Laura, who was also the first person to wish me well today. Oh, and I have to give credit to Ellie, who put a 19th of July reminder on our mommy board calendar at least 2 years ago!

The gifts come mostly from myself though.

Having a birthday on the nation’s holiday hangover day means you have to sometimes make your own special days!

So comment away and wish me well and win a prize! Details to follow!

OK, I came up with a prize that isn’t totally lame. I’ll put all comments into a hat and have Luke choose one on Monday evening. Any comments on any post from now until then will be entered into the contest. Good luck!


17 thoughts on “>Happy 19th of July!

  1. Anonymous

    >Megan – It was twenty years ago today that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play. I think the 19th of July Holiday goes back further – perhaps 25 years ago. Your mother remembers finding the “song” in your Hello Kitty Notebook. (?) We think you were 9 – the year you didn’t get your dog.

  2. Meta Megan

    >I was going to say that it was a Hello Kitty notebook, but I thought that detail might be disputed!Also, I was going to say 29 years ago, but Mom seemed too coherent and cheerful to have a month old baby at that time. Plus I don’t think I could write then. So I would have to go with 28 years ago.

  3. Anonymous

    >So far, I’ve got to go with the anonymous qoute. Clever, succinct, and chock full of detail. Obviously, an award winning comment.

  4. Jane

    >Megan this is your cousin Jane! I just subscribed to your blog. I was just reading the most recent blog post about the 19th of July and your family never letting you live it down. It made me think of my Confirmation and instead of picking a Confirmation name of some sort, I just decided to keep my own name (because they told me you could do that and supposedly it was quite common). Anyways, I will now be known as “Jane Ellen Jane” for the rest of mine and your family’s life, mostly due to your father and my uncle, Jack Hanley. Just thought I would share!!!

  5. Linda

    >Megan, Have a great day. The family is all coming over tonight for dinner and I am turning it into a celebration of YOU!!! Maybe all holiday birthday people should create a new summertime celebration. Are you going to write a new song? Linda

  6. dave

    >19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july 19th of july

  7. molly

    >I think the song is in the same Hello Kitty notebook you used to record all of the addresses on our street. I believe that was done on another hot boring summer day,probabbly on our way to meet dad at the bus. And I believe I have always been coherent and cheerful!! Love MOM(am I too late for a prize??)(Dave’s was really clever!)

  8. Beth

    >Happy belated 19th of July! I could pull a middle child and say at least you had your own special holiday! I think Jane should win. Even Anthony calls her Jane Ellen Jane.

  9. Meta Megan

    >I think I wrote down all the addresses on our street during my Harriet the Spy phase. Also, Hi Jane Ellen Jane! Only in our family does your Holy Confirmation lead to a lifetime of teasing! And I used my middle name as my confirmation name, but no one calls me Megan Mary Mary.Also, the comment contest winner is going to be randomly chosen, and you can comment until the end of the day Monday. (7 pm MST) The winner will be announced Tuesday morning.

  10. Linda

    >Who knew??? Megan’s very special day could be the conduit to such fruitful family revelation. I feel like YOUR July 19th should just become THE DAY for revealing past secrets and little ISSUES. This could be like a family healing celebration (of sorts)

  11. Meta Megan

    >Aunt Linda – I like the idea of a summer festivus of sorts.And who is doubting that my Confirmation name is Mary? If you win the comment contest, I need to know…

  12. Danielle

    >Megan,I never remember the 19th of July celebration or the teasing by your family on that date (teasing for a plethora of other reasons, sure, but not for this one!) Happy 19th of July!!!!

  13. molly

    >I know who anonymous is! So I actually went to St. Raphael’s to check the validity of the Confirmation name. Yes! Megan of the perfect memory,you will from now on be known as Megan Mary Mary, although it doesn’t have the same ring as Megan Mary Megan or Jane Ellen Jane. 21 years is a long time ago..

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