>Now and Then

>Today I worked from home and Jack was a rock star, taking naps, playing, essentially making everything easy. However, he is also working on perfecting the art of sliding off my lap. He just can’t quite crawl or run away. So today I let him slide off my lap and end up under my desk, in front of box full of train parts. He was sort of standing, sort of being supported by my knees. It reminded me of baby Luke, and how he used to be able to casually walk under the dining room table without ducking, or hitting his head. I have vivid memories of those days, and every once in a while when I see Luke standing next to the table I think about him as a baby and I remember when… Anyway, Dave came in and said, “Cute. We should get the camera so later we can say, “Remember when he used to be able to stand under the desk” like we do with Luke and the dining room table.”

So here is Luke, not standing, probably quite a bit older than Jack is now, but under the table:

And here is Jack today, starring in one of many of my future memories:


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  1. Linda

    >The fact that you are so well organized to FIND the picture of Luke to show the contrast is impressive to me. Linda

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