>We had a great three day weekend, with two totally jam-packed days, and one day of chillaxing. Friday we went to the Jamestown Fourth of July celebration, which had the best parade featuring a kazoo band and effigies of Cheney, Bush and Rice. Then there were fun activities at the town park. I learned that the park was once under consideration to be declared a superfund site because it’s a foot of dirt over a bunch of mine tailings. After learning this I found Jack eating grass. I pulled all the grass out of his mouth and then did a quick finger swipe and pulled out a half tablespoon of mud. So, in my mind I am replacing superfund with superfun. Dave also biked a zillion miles, we all biked to the fireworks, we worked on the yard, biked to the park, biked to the pool, had dinner with the neighbors, and I shopped for fabric and started working on a skirt. The weather was perfect because it rained a little today which made for guilt free wii playing in the basement. Luke wanted to go to a museum, so I finally got organized enough to at least go to NCAR, but we got there after it closed. Even though it was raining a little, I still wanted to “hike” so I pushed/dragged the kids on the “hike.” I use “hike” in “quotes”, because if I can push the 6 year old graco stroller the whole way, it isn’t really hiking. (If I didn’t have such an enormous compact car, I would have had to leave the stroller in the parking lot because I could NOT fold it back up.) With the clouds, the late afternoon light, and the mountains, the views were really spectacular. The camera was in the car, though. Sorry. Luke got into it after a while, but it started like this:

Luke: I either want to go home or to that museum with the giant black ant. (Buttery Fly Pavillion.)
Me: No, let’s just hike.
Luke: Well, I –
Me: Look, we are here, I want to hike, so we are hiking and no one is complaining.
Luke: Mommy, that’s not really true, because I am complaining.


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  1. Mary Ellen

    >Hey,Thanks for de-lurking to say hello! I love the complaining comment… I’ve been trying to get my 3-year-old into little hikes in the woods but she tells me, pretty plainly, that she DOES NOT LIKE THE WOODS, unless it has a paved path through it. (Too much Red Riding Hood??) Maybe I need to stop calling it hiking and start calling it something else. Like the way to the ice cream store. Ha.

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