>Oh. No.

>So much to write about, so little desire to sit in front of a computer during vacation. Alas, I think I start in reverse order and write about our vacation last, Dave’s birthday second last, and first I’ll write about the total insanity that transpired at our house today. And by “write about” I mean, “post pictures” and comment with lots of exclamation points!!!

I had an inkling this would happen, so I was able to catch it on film! But I wasn’t quite fast enough. Jack went from this:

To this:

faster than I could snap a photo and still get his whole head in the picture!!! All my attempts to thwart his progress towards crawling have caused the sublimation of his mild desire to crawl into a burning desire to stand up and walk. Time to baby proof. For reals! For reals. (As Luke would say.)


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