>Yellow Pine

>I have finally uploaded camping pictures! Last weekend we went to Yellow Pine Campground, which is in Wyoming between Laramie and Cheyenne.

The mountain biking was exactly what I like, which is to say, the scenery was pretty and interesting, and there were some challenging uphills, but I wasn’t afraid for my life at any point in time. But it was cold and extremely wet. I did my best to avoid widening any trails, and but I also didn’t want to fall over in puddles that were knee deep. I think maybe a little later in the year it would be dryer and warmer? We had fun anyway. But I am so mad that I forgot to take a picture of the Happy Jack sign!

Gosh, the weather has been so nice, but I am starting to see clouds!

Just hanging out by the campfire in my Little Devil costume.

The Hills Are Alive…

Flowers for you, mommy! (aka ridding the area of noxious weeds? I let this happen even though I have a strict “don’t pick the flowers” policy.)

It’s raining and I am cold!

Rain does not phase me one bit!

Warmed up and happy in the van.

Cooking breakfast in 30 mile and hour winds? How about we get the heck out of here and head to our favorite breakfast place in Laramie?