>Trashing the Place

Today our good friends and neighbors returned from their first of many summer vacations and called to say, “Are you going to the park today? We’ll meet you there.” But what I heard was, “Please come over and let me cook dinner for you and your family while you break things and bleed everywhere.” I said, “I’ll bring the french fries!”

My knife is dull, which may have caused it to skid off the potato and cut my finger. Or maybe the dullness prevented the tip of my finger from being chopped off. Who knows?

We almost reached a new milestone: Meat for the baby! From a jar! (Organic of course.) But instead of opening the jar of baby food, I picked it up and then dropped it on the floor where it shattered. Sorry, it’s sweet potatoes again for you, little baby!

Then as we discussed how plastic is slowly killing us, and how we are slowly getting rid of our plastic plates in favor of plates that could kill us with lead, (or other unknown ways) Little M dropped her ceramic plate on the floor and it shattered and cut a gash in Luke’s toe. I was right there, so I probably caused that to happen as well.

That may have been a graceful time to just leave and hope to be invited back again someday, but we decided to wait until Luke had been bitten by the puppy twice. Just nips, no blood.

Yea! Welcome back from vacation! I hope we (and by this I mean you) got all the glass cleaned up!

(The picture is just another example, in case I wasn’t clear, of how messy Jack gets when I feed him. Of course the rice cereal is hard to see in the picture, but it covers 87% of his exposed skin.)