>Man of Many Hats

>On Saturday we walked to breakfast and it was sunny and sort of warm. After breakfast it was sort of windy and cooler. On the way to the farmers market it appeared as if we were entering a rain cloud, but really, it was hail. I guess we missed the snow. We waited in the car for 3 minutes until the sun came out and Jack and Luke and I hit the farmers market. When we got home it was warm again, but still sweatshirt weather. Then it was tee-shirt weather, then back to sweatshirt weather. And do you know what kind of weather that is? It’s bonnet weather. Yes, bonnet weather.

When I was pregnant with Luke, and on bed rest, a really nice co-worker made us dinner once or twice a week. She was so nice that I invited her to my baby shower. In addition to a touch of pre-term labor, I was also afflicted with that other pregnancy thing. You know the one. Where you think everyone is as excited about your pregnancy as you are? Yeah. Poor lady. Anyway, she knitted a very beautiful yellow sweater, with a matching bonnet. I thought a bonnet was an odd choice for a baby boy, but she explained it this way, “It may seem old fashioned, but boys can wear bonnets too.”

And I have to say, Jack wore the heck out of that bonnet on Saturday.
Do I like this bonnet?

No, I love this bonnet!

Here is Luke, not a fan of the bonnet!

And here are some of the other hats/ensembles that Jack rocked on Saturday.
Here he is in a sweater that was maybe my brother’s, or maybe mine or my sister’s. No one knows. Also, his Boulder hippie hat.

And here is his Yosemite Sam look. He says, “Put me back in my bonnet!”


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