>Da da da da AAAA Da Da

>I have spent this week trying to capture Jack’s babbling on video, but it’s been complicated. If he sees the camera he just stops talking and stares. Also, if I am talking to him, he stops talking and stares. So this leaves me with two options. I can pretend to ignore him and secretly aim the camera at him and hope to record the video without looking when he starts to babble. This has resulted in a 2 second video of my lap while I say, “What, it’s just starting now! I missed the whole thing?!” Or I can get someone else to try to get him to talk while I hover in the background. This has resulted in a video of Luke saying, “Jacky’s tummy looks like Mommy’s.” and then I can’t turn the camera off fast enough.

But I got a couple good ones at dinner tonight. Jack was getting sort of frustrated by this point, so his babbling is on the screechy side, but still so cute.



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